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Health & Lifestyle
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SA men have less sex than global averageAccording to a survey, South African men are having sex on average 52 times a year – far less than the average for the rest of ...
Many young adults misinformed about hookahsHookah smoking, as with any other type of smoking, is harmful to our health – something most young adults fail to realise.
'Anti-gay laws spread HIV like poison'If gays or bisexuals are persecuted, they are discouraged from taking an HIV test. This creates an atmosphere of silence – a pe...
Sport Blog
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The Commonwealth Games gets the John Oliver treatment.Remember that clip that was going around with that British guy on an American show unpacking what FIFA is all about? Well that guy was John Oliver, and it was from his brilliant current affairs show, Last Week Tonight. Well this time he is back on our radar with his take on the Commonwealth Games. [...]
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